Praktikum in Afrika zu vergeben

Praktikum in Afrika zu vergeben
11. November 2015 Nikola Reiner-Rautek

Zu Besuch bei den Batwas Interesse in einer der anerkanntesten Naturschutzorganisationen der Welt mitzuarbeiten? JGI International bietet zwei Praktikumsplätze für Freiwillige in Tanzania und Uganda ab April 2016.

Das sagen bisherige Volunteers:

“My favorite aspect about being an International Volunteer with Roots & Shoots Tanzania was the ability that R&S youth had to keep me in a constant state of awe as I witnessed the unyielding passion driving their ideas, discussions and projects. It was absolutely incredible to travel to remote villages and find in the midst of dust and grass, a dynamic R&S clubs excited to show off their outstanding projects.”

“Volunteering with JGI-Uganda was such an enriching time and I really hope to return one day. Every day there was full of amazing new experiences, even simple things like buying groceries at the local market were part of making this an unforgettable journey. Being able to learn while also feeling like I was contribution to such an important programme was an extremely rewarding experience. I’d strongly recommend it as a great way to explore Africa while making some amazing friends and having a positive impact.”

“The time I spent in Uganda was the greatest experience in my life, I don’t think a day has passed since my return when I haven’t thought about one of my experiences there. The adventures that just happen day to day are unforgettable. The forests are incredible, every single day you can see almost anything. Uganda was everything I hoped for and more.”

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